We’ve all got that favorite deck that we have used to death. The edges are feathered, a few coffee stains on the ace of hearts. It barely fits back in it’s tuck case being twice as fat as it used to be.
Not all of us are us lucky as to be able to grab a new pack from our never ending supplies of bricks. So what do you do? throw them away? ……well fear not! listed below are a couple of links to help you (and your cards) out.

Both links are from leeasher.com If you don’t know who Lee is then you should check his site out.

Taken from lee’s site:

Lee Asher’s Legacy:
Lee Asher develops original sleight of hand magic based on his lifetime experience as a magician. He looks at the art of magic from a real-world perspective and approaches it with skills very few possess. His site provides free tips, quality information about card magic, plus paid tutorials on his authentic material designed for rising magicians and hobbyists alike.

The first link is a .pdf on how to care for your cards & dramatically improve their lifespan. It is specifically about Jerry’s nugget deck, however the information contained is invaluable and equally as important for any deck of cards you may own.

How to care for your cards

The second link (also a .pdf) is around ‘Breaking In’ & ‘Conditioning’ your cards. What? no one ever taught you how, let alone the proper way to do it. That’s about to change!

How to break in a deck of playing cards

What about before you got your hands on that deck? Have you ever wondered how they started life & the work that goes into making a simple pack of playing cards?

Take an exclusive tour inside the Bicycle® playing card factory and learn the art, science, and craftsmanship that goes into making every deck of cards.

The next video is from the awesome magicorthodoxy and goes into more detail around stock,cut, embossing & finish. Check out his channel for some great reviews on your favorite decks.


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