Morning guys ‘n’ girls,

We just thought we’d let you know about some awesome new decks we now have in stock.

Firstly we have the long awaited follow-up to the best selling MOMENTO MORI deck. CARPE NOCTEM

Carpe Noctem Playing Cards

Carpe Noctem is a celebration of the flower that blooms for no-one.

Inspired by ‘The Night Blooming Cereus’; one of the strangest and most beautiful plants of the desert, the Carpe Noctem deck unveils it’s true beauty only after dark.

These decks were only sold by ellusionist for 7 days & already are becoming much sort after. Stock is limited so get them before time runs out!

We’ve also hand picked a few of our favorites from our own deck collection to stock. A must for any collector or just plain stunning for everyday use.

We’ve also got some great news – Hearts and Nines have managed to acquire a limited amount of the jaw dropping MINT playing cards by 52Kards. What’s more is we got both flavors!! Black Mint & Raspberry Mint. This deck has some amazing features & hidden secrets for magic use……Stock will be arriving shortly & be aware: These are first print edition and are bound to rise in value quickly!


Owners of , Lovers of cards, cardistry & magic. We are drawn to anything mystical and magical and are open to any curiosity of this nature for future stock and sales. We love what we do, and hope you do too!!!!

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