Well Guys ‘n’ Girls it’s been a challenging few weeks here at H&N HQ, But we are now proud to announce we are now officially open!!!!

Our heads are still spinning with shipping modules, packaging orders & database info. But we’ve had fun, especially un-boxing all the new exciting stock we have for you!

We think we’ve ironed out all the problems & bugs, however if you do encounter any problems with the site please use the contact form to drop us a note and we’ll get right on it.

You can expect quite a few changes and updates over the next few weeks, as some of the sections are still growing with content being compiled offline as we speak. As with everything we do, we want you to enjoy it and we’re always open to suggestions for site content or stock

That’s about it for now….so go buy some cards already!!!

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Owners of HeartsandNines.com , Lovers of cards, cardistry & magic. We are drawn to anything mystical and magical and are open to any curiosity of this nature for future stock and sales. We love what we do, and hope you do too!!!!

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