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Sleepers Playing Cards


Sleepers Playing Cards by Daniel Madison & Oban Jones

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In your hand, 52 reminders that sleep is an excuse for the talentless to imagine their dreams, instead of creating them. The whole world is asleep…but you’re not. Introducing Sleepers – Dreamed up by Daniel Madison, and brought to life by Oban Jones … a 25 year-old artist from England, and the new authority in playing card design.

Oban has thrown out the 800 year-old rule book. Stripping a deck of cards back to ornamental minimalism, while still
keeping it’s function.

It all started with an idea. Resilient…highly contagious. “What if all the court cards were asleep, except the King of Diamonds?”

True inspiration is impossible to fake.

“I started with the pips and wanted to do the absolute least I could, to not clutter the design. They’re 100% recognizable as a club or a spade, but look like nothing you’ve ever seen.” – Oban Jones

From the first familiar snap of the tuck box lid, to first smooth thumb fan you perform. It’s easy to tell, these cards are different from anything you’ve seen before.

The backs cut away the noise of color with clean, sharp lines that pay tribute to the art deco era, with each custom court card featuring a grain of wisdom that will stay with you forever. Reminding you to take charge with every cut, shuffle, flourish or deal you execute from now on.

This isn’t a dream – within a dream – within a dream. Sleepers are a reality.

Sleep when you’re dead. Stock up now.


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