Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? If you are anything like us here @HeartsandNines and you started learning magic ummmmmm… shall we say quite a few years ago?!, then you might remember waiting eagerly for your monthly subscription to ‘Abracadabra‘ or ‘Magigram‘ to learn your latest effect or sleight.

Fast forward to now and our relatively new obsession for cardistry and the resources at our fingertips are overwhelming!

With that in mind, this corner of the site is dedicated to all things learning. We will list out links to some of our favorite tutorials & learning resources. Please check back regularly as we aim to update when anything catches our eye!

Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions, favorites or even tutorial video ?

A little inspiration to get the juices running….



Learn the art of Cardistry with these introductory videos taught by Dan and Dave.

Zach Mueller’s Learn the Classics (Particularly good for beginners). Individual links below:

More Basic Moves by Various people  (Clicking the links will take you out to the video of the Artist – be sure to give them a thumbs up to show some love!)


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